Quickie update….

Can’t you tell we’ve got a busy weekend coming up? I’ve now come down with my second dose of Tonsilitis in the past 3.5 months and, when the drugs wear off, boy do I feel rough 🙁 Plus we are just coming to the end of a 3-day time of prayer and fasting (which has been really good – but tough at times)

I’m also rather miffed as I had written 2 posts using ScribeFire which it then proceeded to lose – only posting the titles and not the content… so I *did* try posting a couple of times… and then lost the work (oh the ironies I could list about that scenario)

Anyway – life for the Hartleys is kinda up and down right now. We are all very tired and run down, and the kids are definitely ready for the summer holidays. To cap it all off I’m not well, in case you hadn’t read the first sentence 🙂

This weekend sees Mrs H, me, my Bro and Mrs H’s sister all hitting the glories of Silverstone for the British Grand Prix. My parents have got the kids, and we are all facing a weekend of sleep-when-we-get-it and early (!) mornings… with Sunday being the earliest as we will be on the road at 3am.

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Well Done Andy Priaulx!

(and about time too!)

The Queens Birthday Honours List came out today – and at long last the achievements of Britains (and Guernseys 😉 ) own Andy Priaulx have finally been recognised with an MBE.

Andy has won the World Touring Car Championship title since it’s return, and also took the final European Touring Car title as well and yet has retained his enthusiasm, charm, humility and great character. Shame it took so long for a British World Champion to be recognised – but we all know that if you aren’t in a mainstream sport (so that’ll be Football, Cricket, Tennis, Rugby and Athletics) it’s a job to get noticed.

Gripe over.


F1 – it’s coming home… but is that a good thing???

YAY – F1 is coming back to the BBC [link]

Is it a YAY though? I’m a bit reserved in my enthusiasm here. Yes, I really want to hear the proper theme music again, and no adverts will be a superb thing.

But – and there are several buts here…

  • ITV have improved – Martin is a superb commentator and Steve is the best anchor
  • ITV do decent repeat programmes but also show early races live and in full
  • ITV allow time before and after races (Evening events tend to get shoved to ITV4 but at least you get post-race feedback and press conferences)
  • You don’t get “we’re just going over to see the latest football/tennis/cricket scores” in the middle – which BBC can be dreadful for.

I really want this to be the best news for F1 fans in the UK – but I can’t help but be a tad nervous about it. Look at Beebs MotoGP coverage and how much they rush that at times, and it does get the worries going.

The BBC are saying that they will listen to the fans – and I hope they do, because they really could do a great job… but they have to learn from the lessons that ITV have learnt, and the way ITV have reacted to those lessons.

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A throaty boiling with a dash of sleep

Wowsers – doesn’t 6 months just fly by??? We are still alive – honestly!!!

I know many folks have found us on Facebook now, which is a good way of catching up – but that doesn’t excuse my tardiness here – sorry!!

Well, we’ve just had among the most annoying couple of months. Mrs H managed to crash her car, kids have all been ill with various things (including a really nasty dose of conjunctivitis for our daughter), we’ve both had tonsillitis as well as other bugs and illnesses [along with a serious lack of sleep] and then… to top it all off… our boiler died.

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