Quickie update….

Can’t you tell we’ve got a busy weekend coming up? I’ve now come down with my second dose of Tonsilitis in the past 3.5 months and, when the drugs wear off, boy do I feel rough 🙁 Plus we are just coming to the end of a 3-day time of prayer and fasting (which has been really good – but tough at times)

I’m also rather miffed as I had written 2 posts using ScribeFire which it then proceeded to lose – only posting the titles and not the content… so I *did* try posting a couple of times… and then lost the work (oh the ironies I could list about that scenario)

Anyway – life for the Hartleys is kinda up and down right now. We are all very tired and run down, and the kids are definitely ready for the summer holidays. To cap it all off I’m not well, in case you hadn’t read the first sentence 🙂

This weekend sees Mrs H, me, my Bro and Mrs H’s sister all hitting the glories of Silverstone for the British Grand Prix. My parents have got the kids, and we are all facing a weekend of sleep-when-we-get-it and early (!) mornings… with Sunday being the earliest as we will be on the road at 3am.

It’s a bit of a weird situation though as we are all really excited about it, and thoroughly looking forward to it – but Mrs H and Me are also finding that the excitement is tempered by the awareness that we’ll miss Church etc… who’d have though a few months ago that I would be saying *that* ???

We are still really looking forward to it… but it’s amazing just how much the Church has come to mean to us both.

Last Saturday we took the boys to a Birthday Party at a play centre nearby and I spent the whole time catching up with a friend who I’ve really not spoken to much over the past few years, and yet I’ve know him for absolute years now and we are really good mates (he played the music at our wedding and did a spectacular arrangement of “Be Thour My Vision” for us!) – in fact I count him as one of my 3 best mates.

He also comes to KingsGate now, albeit the later service, so it was really good to chat about how we enjoyed it, what we were receiving and also how we saw ourselves fitting it.

I first met Phil doing kids work – but he is also an accomplished musician, sound guy and youth worker as well… so the poor guy is currently facing the quandry of “Where do I go?” – thankfully for me the choice was a bit easier as, unless God says otherwise, Youth isn’t something I want to return to… leaving me with applying to join the PA team.

It’s kinda daunting really as the PA is so huge at KingsGate, but I’ve still got an ear for it – and I am a quick learner…. plus I really want to get my hands on that system 😀

Anyway – that’s a rough update so I’ll leave it there I think…. have fun folks and I’ll post more next week after the Grand Prix

P.S. All prayers gratefully received as I really don’t want to feel this rough over the weekend!

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