A throaty boiling with a dash of sleep

Wowsers – doesn’t 6 months just fly by??? We are still alive – honestly!!!

I know many folks have found us on Facebook now, which is a good way of catching up – but that doesn’t excuse my tardiness here – sorry!!

Well, we’ve just had among the most annoying couple of months. Mrs H managed to crash her car, kids have all been ill with various things (including a really nasty dose of conjunctivitis for our daughter), we’ve both had tonsillitis as well as other bugs and illnesses [along with a serious lack of sleep] and then… to top it all off… our boiler died.

Came back from work 2 weeks ago to a lovely coal smell – called the gas men who immediately turned it all off… called a reputable repair firm who had to condemn the boiler fully as it was about to collapse in on itself (well, it was 30+ years old)

So this week we have had a new boiler fitted along with new radiators and all is now toasty and warm and we have, after 11 days, now got hot water again.

It’s not been great, being ill and having no heat or hot water – makes life a very interesting experience. Am I cold because of my fever, or is the house cold? How can I be sweating this much when there is no heating? And how the heck am I meant to make myself smell a tad nicer when we can’t have a bath?

Great fun – the annoying thing was simply that we were getting the work done in 2 months or so anyway and had the money put aside… would have been nicer that way as we could have got things sorted a bit better really.



Yup, ickle brother has twisted our arms and cajoled and run us down into letting him buy us tickets for the weekend [thanks bro!!!] so the two of us along with my brother and the missus sister, are going to be enjoying Silverstone at the start of July! Cannot Wait!

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