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This is a blog. A blog about a man. A man talking about himself, and his family. A man rambling into the wilderness about anything and everything.

This man is me – your host. Me? If you know me then you know who I am – if not then I hope you’ll still enjoy the blog and the musings that I post here.

Me? I’m a 30-something married man with a gorgeous wife (generally referred to as “the missus” or “Mrs H” so only those who know us know who I am talking about) and 3 usually-wonderful children.

One of the big things that this blog has now become about, in fact it’s the biggest thing imaginable, is my own journey from being an atheist to the returning prodigal (if you don’t know the story of the prodigals son from the Bible then *please* read it here – the blog also acts as a diary to my total amazement at what God has done for me. If you are interested in how I went from atheist to Christian then you can find more in this article here.

Yes, I ramble about other subjects including books, movies, F1, motor racing and more… but since May 2008 I have come to a new realisation about what really is important.

I don’t want to put off people who know me and aren’t Christians – please stay and read about my journey. Many people who read this have known me throughout different phases of my life and so can see, and hopefully be amazed at, the changes within me.

And if you ever want to get in touch to have a chat or discuss any of this – feel free to either post comments or email me at: blog <at> hartleyweb.co.uk (I’m sure you can work out the email address 😉 )

Thanks for reading folks… Enjoy the ride – I know I am!

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