F1 – it’s coming home… but is that a good thing???

YAY – F1 is coming back to the BBC [link]

Is it a YAY though? I’m a bit reserved in my enthusiasm here. Yes, I really want to hear the proper theme music again, and no adverts will be a superb thing.

But – and there are several buts here…

  • ITV have improved – Martin is a superb commentator and Steve is the best anchor
  • ITV do decent repeat programmes but also show early races live and in full
  • ITV allow time before and after races (Evening events tend to get shoved to ITV4 but at least you get post-race feedback and press conferences)
  • You don’t get “we’re just going over to see the latest football/tennis/cricket scores” in the middle – which BBC can be dreadful for.

I really want this to be the best news for F1 fans in the UK – but I can’t help but be a tad nervous about it. Look at Beebs MotoGP coverage and how much they rush that at times, and it does get the worries going.

The BBC are saying that they will listen to the fans – and I hope they do, because they really could do a great job… but they have to learn from the lessons that ITV have learnt, and the way ITV have reacted to those lessons.

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