You give me fever…Fever!


As in the last post – illness has been doing the rounds in the Hartley household 🙁 And it’s still going around.

The coughs and colds refuse to go away and so, unfortunately, does the seriously nasty fever bug that has been going around. All the kids have had/still got it and so too has Mrs H now.

With fevers hitting over 39c (thats over 103f!) all we can do is keep the Calpol and Nurofen flowing on regular cycles and keep praying that it’s going to break. Unfortunately it’s really vicious as it will hit one day, be fine the next and then hit again the following day… and it’s been like this for nearly 2 weeks now.

The doctors have come out with the usual “it’s a virus” line and have told us to carry on as we are – the only useful thing we have heard is that there’s “a lot going around and people are struggling to shake it”. So useful to know that really.

And so we keep praying, keep plodding along and keep getting little to no sleep at all at the moment… and just when the year is at it’s busiest 🙁

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