Oh irony sweet irony…

So it was week 9 of the “Making Life Work” series at Church this week… all about “Seeing Red” (i.e. Anger!)

It was one of the sessions that was really key for me in this whole series as I can, at times, be erm…. let’s just say somewhat erm….. sensitive in a non-constructive manner.

Oh alright – if I’m being totally honest I can fly-off-the-handle sometimes and it’s something that I dearly want to manage a bit better than I do now.

So, the weekend arrives and I’m all geared up for being inspired and taught and I spend a while trying to get myself mentally and spiritually prepared… and then we can’t go becaused everyone is ill. Kinda frustrating not being able to get to the session I was really geared up for.

But wait, the frustration didn’t stop there… I downloaded the teaching on Wednesday to listen to on the way home from work and found myself feeling annoyed once again when, right at the start, Dave mentions that Communion would be taken after the sermon. I love celebrating and remembering that way and was sooooo gutted at having not been there. The talk was *very* good though!

And yet there’s more… because not only did we miss the Sunday but, as I was busy fighting off the stomach bug, it wasn’t really a good idea to head on out to housegroup in the evening either so I also missed out on the discussion about the sermon as well.

Ahhhh sweet ironies – getting angry over missing sessions on managing anger. Saying that – I did manage the anger pretty well (even if I do say so myself) and have taken what was preached to heart so here’s praying that it really does take root and that I do learn from this!

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