‘Tis the season… a very Merry, Happy and Blessed Christmas

Apart from colds and sniffles we seem to be recovering from illness now, just need some sleep really which isn’t particularly likely at the moment – just need to hope the kids sleep in sometime (yeah right!)

Anyway – health update provided onto the main post…

Being the first Christmas for a few years where I can fully appreciate the joy and wonder of the season it’s been a fairly emotional time as once again I am reminded of the joy and wonder of this season, and once again I am aware of the grace, mercy and Love that God poured out on us when He sent Christ to be with us.

I’ve made a resolution this year to make the most of the season, to fully enjoy all that we can and to spend as much time rejoicing and growing in excitement as the Advent Calendars count the days.

The decorations are mostly up, with odd ones being added day by day, and the carols and classic songs of the season resound regularly throughout the house (and also the office 😉 ) and I’ve found myself walking around shops and town centres with a huge smile plastered across my face as I enjoy the decorations and the carollers.

At Church we have been hearing about Love, Peace and Faith over the past few weeks with Hope being taught about next week – and they all have provided a deeper foundation for what this season truly means and what it truly can be, irrespective of current financial restraints or otherwise.

And so I would like to wish you all the fullest blessings of the Christmastime. My prayer for us all is that we would know Peace, true Peace, this Christmas and that we would know the Love that there is for everyone and that Faith will be stirred.

For us, we are being blessed with the company of some of our closest friends and their family on Christmas Day and I am so looking forward to spending the day celebrating and relaxing with them.

God bless you all, and a very Merry Christmas.

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