Thanks to everyone :)

I passed into the “Mid-30s” bracket yesterday, turning 35 – now requiring me to tick the box that says “35-44” instead of “26-34” on a lot of the surveys i always seem to get in the inbox routinely.

Didn’t feel much like a birthday for most of the day, although Mrs H did put a smile on my face when she crawled out of bed to make sure she’d given me her card and wished me a happy birthday at 6:50am before I left for work. The birthday really took off when I arrived home to have the 3 kids jump from the fence next to the gate screaming “Happy Birthday” and then rushing into the house to give me their cards and gifts.

I got given loads of CDs (got to catch up on all the stuff I’ve missed for the past few years you know 😀 ) which have now all been turned to MP3s ready for my car stereo.

So it’s a huge thanks to all those who got in touch yesterday and for all the great gifts and cards… can’t wait to start learning all the lyrics so that I can get singing along (poorly) to them all 🙂

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