The second big announcement of the year!

Well, the other week I made a semi-cryptic remark about a big announcement coming up… and here it is…

We’re moving! We’re leaving Stamford…

Now for some people that isn’t a big announcement – but for those that know me, and know how I feel about Stamford, they will know that this is a big announcement.

God made it abundantly clear to me years ago that Stamford was where He wanted me – I got homes to live in, jobs to keep me here and even a nice local lass to wed 😉 He also gave me such a huge heart for the town, an immense love for the place that is quite surprising.

However, it was for a season…. and that season has come to an end.

It stuns me every time I think about it – but there is nothing keeping us in Stamford. All that is here these days are memories and ghosts. Yes, we do have a few friends in the town and we are not disregarding that – but with my job being out the other side of Peterborough, our Church being in Peterborough and most of our friends being in Peterborough it makes sense to move to…. Scotland erm Peterborough 😉

There is one HUGE motivator behind the move. We really feel that this is a move that God is telling us to make.

Ignoring the financial logic, the friends, the Church (i.e. it’s location – as there are plenty of people who come to Peterborough from all over the place) etc – the overriding reason is the simple fact that God is telling us to go.

A friend of ours asked me the other day, why I felt that God was calling us… and I honestly wasn’t satisfied with the answer I gave as it focused on the finances, the schooling, the Church and the friends… what didn’t come across was the abiding sense that God has been talking to us and telling us the time for us to move is now, and the place is Peterborough.

How is He telling us? A huge sense of purpose, a massive dose of peace and a constant sense of “rightness”. For me, this is huge. I had honestly never thought we would leave, even when I did look into moving to Nottingham a few years ago – nothing came of it at all and I felt that it was right that we were to remain at Home.

For me to have gone through such a change of heart over moving, can only be God. It’s surprised my other hlf just how quickly my tune changed, and how much I have acknowledged, accepted and embraced the idea.

So – that’s the news.

All that remains now is all the decorating, finishing off, de-cluttering, tidying and then selling our home… oh, and finding a new place to live!

All prayers (and decorating/DIY help) are very much appreciated 😀

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