A day as a journo and a weekend as a statistic

What a weird feeling.

The past week I have technically been on holiday from my (now ex) workplace but from Friday evening I have been technically unemployed… yup, I have been out of work for the last 48+ hours. Somehow I doubt that I’ll have made any impact on the jobless statistics though – not really anyway 😉

Not that I’m worried about that ‘cos I start at my new job tomorrow 🙂

Still, it feels strange to be moving on after nearly 7 years in one place. It’s the first time that I’ve managed to voluntarily leave a workplace to move on after industry downturns led to redundancies in the past. Got to admit that I enjoyed handing in my notice as it was totally unexpected – I think you’ve got to try and enjoy that occasion… there isn’t any point going in upset and depressed about it.

I’m nervous, obviously, about the new job – but really quite excited as well. A new challenge awaits and it’s good to be back in industry rather than in education.

On another subject – I was at PlusNet Towers on Thursday, carrying out a load more video interviews for the PlusNet UserGroup. Great fun and really good to see everyone again.

Felt a bit more prepared for these ones – squeezed in 4 sets of interviews in between talking to people about other things as well – at least I had some questions and a structure prepared. Hopefully they should appear on the UserGroup site in the next few days…. be interesting to see what the reaction is to these ones!

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