The dawn of a new era

Well, I have now started my new job! The nickname of Mr Potato Head has been firmly applied to me and I am definitely facing a new set of circumstances.

The first couple of weeks in a new post are always a time of learning and picking things up – and that’s definitely going to be true here. However, I was very pleased that in my first two days I have actually proved useful on both days at various points – not something you always expect to be right at the start.

There is definitely a good feeling for me at this job – there’s a new set of challenges and plenty of scope to grow and develop things…. obviously there is always the internal politics to be aware of but so far things look pretty good.

I’ve got a site visit on Friday, and another at a different site next week, which should be good – I was grateful as it is my sons 5th birthday on Friday and my boss immediately approved of my request to hold my site meeting at 10am rather than 9am so I could see my lad open his presents… something I am very happy about as I will be missing his party 🙁

I have got an hours commute in each direction – but I have to say that I am enjoying that. Yeah OK, I love driving full stop but the drive into work allows me time to wake up and get my mind buzzing… the drive home gives me a good chance to wind down and think about the day but also get to a point where work isn’t at the forefront of my mind when I walk through the door.

Before you all think that I am wearing rose-tinted specs – I know this is still the “honeymoon” period – but things do look promising and I have a good feeling about this. It’s been a long time since I felt this kind of anticipation and excitement (and yes, nerves as well!) about work – but I am enjoying that feeling…

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