What a difference a week makes!

Following my visit to the City ground last week (to enjoy watching Forest humiliate Charlton :D) I managed to scrounge a ticket for this weekends game against Yeovil – courtesy of my dad and brother both winning a pair of tickets each.

Well, it was the kind of game you came away from simply grateful that you drew – let alone won! Yes, we won 1-0 and, thanks to the right results elsewhere, returned to the top of the table… but the way we played was disappointing.

Gotta single out Thompson (no. 18) as the player who disappointed most. He was fine in defence but the minute he crossed the centre line he seemed to lose any idea of what to do or where to go. Shame it took until the second half to substitute him really.

The goal was one of those fluky circumstances – thanks to the Yeovil goalie for dropping the ball for a second time… but the game was always going to be about that I think – luck played more of a part than skill.

Just gotta hope that Forest pull themselves together before we meet Chelsea.

(And huge thanks to my Dad and Bro for letting me have one of the tickets !!!!)

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