The Paxman Cometh

Back in October I was one of the interviewers in the first ever PUG (PlusNet UserGroup) Video interview. When we released the video it was, somewhat surprisingly, well received by pretty much everyone (including those folks who can find fault with the shape of a full stop on a PlusNet email)

Well….. my best Jeremy Paxman impersonation will be getting dusted off tomorrow as I am heading up to the wonderful place that is Sheffield for a day of annoying, erm… interviewing (not sure which is correct actually), loads of different people.

Gotta admit that I *really* hate hearing my own voice, but I try to ensure that I am not seen on camera as I doubt that anyone would appreciate that 😉

Should be fun though – and it all works to plan there could be several new videos coming to the PlusNet UserGroup site very early on next week 🙂

2 Leagues apart – but who was really the Premier side?

Forest second goalscorer - Grant HoltWhat a brilliant day yesterday was. I met up with a couple of mates from PlusNet and we went to the City ground to watch the FA Cup Third Round tie between Nottingham Forest and Charlton Athletic.

Was a strange occasion for me as I have always attended Forest games and been in the Trent End… but this time I was sat with the away fans (trying desperately to bite my tongue every time forest touched the ball!)

The first 20 minutes of the match were not too hot, to put it politely, although Forest did seem to already have control of the match but you still couldn’t have guessed who would score first – simply because you felt the first goal would be more down to who got the luck.

Not the case though as Charlton just never picked up their game, and in fact went downhill as the 90+ minutes progressed, whilst Forest seemed to pick up and keep the pace and pressure on at all times. Continue reading “2 Leagues apart – but who was really the Premier side?”

Carpet Fitters and Chaos for the Kids

Well, we just got new carpets fitted in the kids bedrooms – the whole house needs doing but we are sorting out their rooms first ‘cos we’re nice like that 😉

Talk about chaos though… had to clear out their bedrooms fully, they had their first day at school today, I was back at work and the fitters weren’t arriving until 5:15pm so we had to dump the kids on their grandfather.

The fitters turned up at 5:30 and got the two rooms fitted in 30 minutes – nice and fast. Just a shame they were a rip-off in terms of fitting charges (Note to self and anybody else – be careful when dealing with Glaston Carpets, Rutland as they aren’t as cheap as they seem and you may find another retailer better!!!)

They kindly left us with, not only an increased bill over what was initially said and all the old carpet (the latter was expected as they did say they don’t take that away), a really nice set of their own rubbish including used glue caps and a broken stanley knife blade dumped on our landing – cheers guys, would have loved you if the kids had found that!!!

At least it looks nice though – now it’s time to get on with sorting their rooms out and then the rest of the house!!!

New Year, New Hope… New Job and New Toys :)

Well, 2007 should be an “interesting” year that’s for sure. Just before Christmas I got the great news that I was being offered a new job with a far better salary, better career chances and more ways to grow and develop. Allowing for my one months notice period I am due to start in 2 weeks time!!!

Due to the extra travelling required (instead of working on my doorstep I will get to enjoy a nice drive each day – which is fine by me!) the missus and I agreed that I had to wave farewell to my (t)rusty old rover and get something a bit more reliable. What we weren’t expecting was to end up replacing our ultra-reliable Kia with a new car as well.

We managed to get a great deal on a Ford Galaxy 1.9 TDI and also a Volvo S40 1.8i with the Kia being taken as part-exchange. The Galaxy is a lovely drive and is really comfortable and enjoyable – doesn’t feel like you are driving a huge MPV because it handles very much like a normal car although the 6 speed gearbox takes some getting used to. The Volvo is a lovely motor – leather seats, good air-con and climate control, cruise control (although I won’t be using that as it’s just toooooo wierd not having to have a foot on any pedals) and it handles really nicely. It also scores points because it’s NOT silver!!!

We were sad to wave bye to our two old cars as they have been brilliant for us – but totally over the moon with the new motors, that’s for sure.

Along with all the changes we are hoping to go and enjoy a holiday again this year. Our last “proper” break was two years ago, when we went to Yorkshire, so we are really keen to take the kids away and have a nice break somewhere… just need to decide where.

The Blog Is Back !

Following a somewhat turbulent 2006 I have decided to wipe the slate clean and start from a blank page. So here is the first post in the new hartleyweb blog.

Feel free to register and add comments to the blog (although please be aware that all comments have to be approved before they appear as there have been some people who simply wished to try and bring down my blog :() and if you are really desperate I can always be contacted via MSN – but if you want the address you’ll have to drop me an email 😉

BTW – The template I’m using isn’t particularly brilliant but I am hoping to make a new one soon so please bear with me. – Changed Templates (again) so I’m hoping this one will be better and look smarter overall 🙂

Anyway… I’ll post a Chrimbo/New Year post in a while but I just wanted to get the ball rolling as soon as I could.

Catcha soon 😀