Carpet Fitters and Chaos for the Kids

Well, we just got new carpets fitted in the kids bedrooms – the whole house needs doing but we are sorting out their rooms first ‘cos we’re nice like that 😉

Talk about chaos though… had to clear out their bedrooms fully, they had their first day at school today, I was back at work and the fitters weren’t arriving until 5:15pm so we had to dump the kids on their grandfather.

The fitters turned up at 5:30 and got the two rooms fitted in 30 minutes – nice and fast. Just a shame they were a rip-off in terms of fitting charges (Note to self and anybody else – be careful when dealing with Glaston Carpets, Rutland as they aren’t as cheap as they seem and you may find another retailer better!!!)

They kindly left us with, not only an increased bill over what was initially said and all the old carpet (the latter was expected as they did say they don’t take that away), a really nice set of their own rubbish including used glue caps and a broken stanley knife blade dumped on our landing – cheers guys, would have loved you if the kids had found that!!!

At least it looks nice though – now it’s time to get on with sorting their rooms out and then the rest of the house!!!

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