The Blog Is Back !

Following a somewhat turbulent 2006 I have decided to wipe the slate clean and start from a blank page. So here is the first post in the new hartleyweb blog.

Feel free to register and add comments to the blog (although please be aware that all comments have to be approved before they appear as there have been some people who simply wished to try and bring down my blog :() and if you are really desperate I can always be contacted via MSN – but if you want the address you’ll have to drop me an email 😉

BTW – The template I’m using isn’t particularly brilliant but I am hoping to make a new one soon so please bear with me. – Changed Templates (again) so I’m hoping this one will be better and look smarter overall 🙂

Anyway… I’ll post a Chrimbo/New Year post in a while but I just wanted to get the ball rolling as soon as I could.

Catcha soon 😀

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