You WILL relax and chill and take it easy


That’s probably the one word that underlined Christmas, and the days just before and after, for me. I have never been so determined to enjoy a season as I have this Christmas. I resolved to go with the flow, not let anything upset or anger me and just enjoy myself and celebrate the festivities as much as possible.

And you know something? It worked! Shocked? I was.

There were no sharp words on Christmas day, no frayed tempers and no tension or nervous twitches – just a complete peace and relaxation, the sort I haven’t felt for a considerable time. It helped that we had some very good friends with us on Christmas day, and our 2 groups of little angels went off and kept each other entertained most of the afternoon leaving the adults to catch up and relax nicely. In fact, having our friends around made the day such a special time for us and ranks as one of my all time favourite Christmases ever. Sitting around the Christmas table, with no elbow room and plates almost touching was great as the kids ate away and we all just laughed and enjoyed ourselves so much.

Boxing day was a day of quiet calm and chaos as we had made the decision to let the kids stay at home and play with their new toys, as well as catch up on a bit of rest and just recuperate a bit. Usually we are out on Boxing day but we really felt that a day off would prove to be a valuable addition in the midst of all the activities… and so it proved itself as we went up to my folks’ the following day and the kids seemed to cope pretty well with the travelling and general tiredness that such days bring.

In fact, we were so determined not to get to entrenched in specific set routines we didn’t set our alarm clock on Sunday and so didn’t make it to Church (I know, naughty folks!!!!) but instead took it steady and then went into town and fed the geese and ducks a bit while wandering around the riverside and enjoying the fresh air.

I’ve got to say that this was by far the most relaxing Christmas I can remember, probably ever, and in many ways was probably a fitting celebration of the “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to all men” that we hear talked about and sung of.

We never forgot the reason for the season, but by taking it steady and not stressing we were far more able to rejoice and celebrate and truly appreciate what a wonderful time of the year it is./p

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