OK, so the blog has been quiet for a month but that’s cos the Hartley household has been totally jammed and rushed off our feet…

There’s a load of stuff to talk about but the biggie is to send much love and congrats to Louise and her new hubby, Phil.

It’s the second of the Hartley weddings (after me and the missus got hitched 7.25 years ago) and was a really great day totally enjoyed by all who were there.

I popped on my David Bailey Wannabee hat for the day and took loads of photos – which can be viewed by going to – if you want the hi-res printable versions then give me a shout and we’ll sort it out.

It was really good to get all the Hartleys together again, it’s always a riot and a great laugh and usually only happens once in a blue moon…. but the great news is that next Saturday we’re all getting together again to celebrate an aunts birthday (she’s only in her early 30s of course!)

Anyway, I’ll sign off now but thanks to all at the wedding for a great weekend – and congrats once again to Mr & Mrs Scutt

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