General Random Rantings

Hey folks…. just felt like jotting down some total randomness as there’s been a few bits running through my brain this week (shocking I know!)

Got a totally brilliant email this week notifying me that this weekends BTCC races are due to be shown on ITV4 and ITV1 with us getting to see more than the usual highlights of race 1&2 followed by rushed coverage of race 3… instead we are getting to see Race 2 live and full highlights of race 1 (although I have heard a rumour it may be a full race replay!) – I was totally peed off when it was announced that BTCC was not going to be on MotorsTV this year and that is was going to that Sinatra sports channel that costs an arm and a leg per month (especially if you aint interested in watching 22 men run after a small leather object every night of the week – I like football, but only in small doses and only specific matches)


On a downside – my eldest lad (5) broke his collarbone this week. Poor lad is struggling to work out what he can and can’t do and the whole thing has left him totally knackered and run-down. It’s horrible to see, especially as he’s probably the most fragile of the 3 kids (in some ways – in others he’s the most daring and risk-taking!)

On other good news, I am off work for a week – time to spend some time with the family doing a few bits before heading off to my cousins wedding next weekend. She’ll be the second Hartley in this generation to tie the knot (with us being the first) and I am really pleased for her. It’ll be great to get together with the family, especially as we don’t see each other much these days (not that we ever did sadly)

Only downside of having time off – I really need to get on with some DIY stuff in the kitchen…. which aint easy as my back and arms are seriously playing up at the moment and the pain is so bad it’s keeping me awake at night and making me a bit snappy… plus the painkillers only seem to last for an hour at the moment which means 3 hours in 4 of total agony.

But good news… I am off for a week (yeah, I know I’ve mentioned it… but hols are always great news!)

Me and the missus are trying to sort through loads of old toys, clothes, books and stuff – planning to flog it on ebay or at a car-boot sale. I am a dreadful hoarder, I just don’t like throwing things away and over the years I’ve amassed my own fair share of junk – but add 3 kids into the mix, who have got loads of toys and clothes that they have grown out of, and you get to the point of needing an 8 bedroom house just to keep all the bits. Personally I like the idea of doing a car-boot sale as I quite enjoy them… the only problem is making sure I don’t go and buy loads of stuff!

Anyway – that’s some random thoughts jotted down in a total brain-dump… catch you all later!

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