2011–The new road begins…

So, with 2010 now in the past (although the lessons of the year certainly not forgotten!) it’s now time to look towards the new year that lies ahead. Before I do that though I’d like to wish everyone who reads this a really Happy and Blessed New Year. I pray that this year you will know Gods richness and fullness of love and provision and that you will know his peace, presence and joy throughout whatever the road has for you in the coming 12 months.

For us, 2011 has begun with a sense of anticipation and almost feels like we’re waiting for the starters gun to fire. The only thing that God spoke to us about last year that hasn’t yet happened is the whole thing of us being moved out of the area. It’s strange in a way as you’d almost expect that kind of thing to be a bit like Damocles Sword hanging over our heads but it’s really quite exciting, knowing that there’s something ahead of us. We’re not saying it will *definitely* happen in 2011, but we’re ready for it if it comes. I think I can honestly say that if/when we get the word that it’s time to go, we’ll be ready to go.

The question really then becomes, what should we be doing until that time. Why has God told us (and others) that we’ll be moving, but not yet moved us? and that’s where we are looking at for this new year. It’s about equipping, training and becoming who we can be. I’m personally looking forward to taking part in the Cleansing Stream course at KingsGate and I’m also keen on looking at other ways we can make the most of the rich teaching, and most amazing people, that surround us where we are right now.

Our girl will be making her GCSE choices this year, which is really scary as it just doesn’t seem possible, and that brings with it a frightening responsibility for Mrs H and me as we need to be advising and supporting in equal measure and helping her make decisions that carry a huge responsibility with them. Our boys in the meantime,will continue their way through primary school facing their own challenges.

I suppose that to summarise my prayers and hopes for 2011 would be to use the word “PREPARE” – I think that’s what it’s going to be about for us.

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