My favourite time of year

Easter. A time of rememberance, of meditation, of celebration and rejoicing.

I LOVE Easter so much. For me it’s the best time of the year and the one that stirs my heart more even than Christmas.

I love to spend time focussing on all the Christ has done for me (and for YOU!) and reading the accounts of His last few days and all the He went through – and of course, the joyous resurrection! I love to meditate, to pray, to celebrate communion with others in memory of the last supper. I love waking up on Easter Sunday knowing that nearly 2000 years ago, Christ rose again giving me the chance to know a new life, a new hope and a new eternity.

When thinking and praying last night it struck me that if there was one day during the year that all Christians could celebrate as a “Re-Birthday” it would be Easter Sunday as it was as then that we could truly know God and that the price was fully paid for us.

It’s a great time of year to focus on all that Christ did for me, the cost of my sins, and the opening of heavens gates for all who repent and believe in Him. I must confess that I tend to go through the whole range of emotions at this time of year; sadness and remorse on Thursday and Friday and rejoicing and laughter and joy on the Sunday. It’s no bad thing of course – reminding myself of just what happened helps me to never lose the wonder of the Cross, and to never take my salvation for granted.

I pray that you will all have an Easter full of blessing and joy, and that you will come to a new understanding of all that Christ has done for us.

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