Family Pride parts 2 & 3

OK – I know pride comes before a fall but I’m not proud of myself but of people within my family.

Last weekend Mrs H and I went to visit my family and on the Saturday evening we went to watch my cousin playing in a cafe/bar/restaurant with his band Sould. It was great going out for a nice evening and we also met up there with some other members of the Hartley clan for a chinwag and just a relaxing evening.

I’ve never seen him playing or singing before and I was totally impressed with the whole evening. The group did soulful covers of songs from the last 5 decades and the professionalism was remarkable. It was a great evening and I can’t wait to see them playing again.

The second source of pride that weekend was  watching my dad being prayed into eldership at their Church.

My parents always get deeply involved in serving within their local church and it was hugely pleasing to see my Dad being prayed in and hearing the things people were saying about him.

I’ve always been proud of my parents – they are great parents and I love them and respect them so much and I was very proud that day… just hope the church knows what it’s let itself in for 😉

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