I don’t think I know anybody who isn’t touched by the current climate in one way or another – jobs under threat, companies struggling to survive, more month than money and a general malaise which isn’t helped by the gloom merchants in the media.

At the moment we are facing uncertain times ourselves – my work isn’t too stable right now and, if I am honest, pay day is often a nervous time until someone manages to check the bank accounts just to make sure we have money there.

In it all we are still believing that God is in control and still has plans and a purpose for us. For example we still believe that we are being called to move to Peterborough at some point, and we both feel it may well be this year. We are also placing our trust, faith and hope in Him – with Mrs H doing better than me most of the time!

Which leads me onto the word SHALOM.

If you were to ask people on the streets what that word meant you would either get blank looks or be told it meant “peace” – and the latter is kinda right… but Shalom is so much more than that and it’s what I am praying that you will all know and find.

Shalom means Health, Completeness, Prosperity, Wholeness, Peace, Safety, Harmony, Perfectness, Fullness, Rest and so much more. It goes deeper than mere peace, which we often interpret as a lack of conflict or noise, into a rounded life giving more than simple silence.

In these times I can think of no more perfect prayer for people than to pray that they will know the God of Shalom and come to feel and understand the depth of Shalom and that is my prayer for all who find this website.

One final thing that I heard in a sermon I downloaded – To know the Peace of God, you first need to know the God of Peace. He is the rock who is stronger than the financial, economic, employment and political foundations that we often build our lives upon – and He WILL see you through these times. He won’t remove you from them, but you can know His Love, Strength, Guidance and SHALOM.

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  1. Just want to say fella miracles do happen, you do come out with some wise words………………………………..maybe with your old age you are gaining wisdom

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