Taz couldn’t get more in a spin than us right now!!!

Life is sooooo chaotic right now – we just don’t seem to be stopping or slowing down. The other week was the British Grand Prix (still buzzing from that – although I really must get around to watching the race on the TV to catch up on the bits we missed) and we still haven’t have time to recover from that, especially as last weekend was just as busy in some ways… and yet more is to come.

Last weekend was great though – as part of the Hope 08 initiative, KingsGate put on a family fun day in Parnwell. I offered to help out on the PA side of things and, despite the occasional “shower” (well, OK, downpour) we had a really great time. Good music, great fun and a good laugh. I also had an “interview” to join the production team at the Church as I felt it was about time I started to get more involved (hey, I’ve been there since May so don’t want to get too lazy you know!) – that did mean that I needed to stay for both services on Sunday, which was quite odd, and also meant that I hardly saw my family during the weekend as our paths only crossed briefly really.

This weekend is even more chaos. Off to Nottingham tomorrow to see my family and Mrs H, me Bro and myself are then off to wonderful Stoke-On-Trent for the evening. Really looking forward to seeing bands such as RPM, thebandwithnoname, yFriday (yay!) and – not forgetting – JARS OF CLAY!!!!! 😀

I’ve been a fan since their first album way back when and Flood is still one of the all time classic songs – but never managed to see them… so Saturday evening should be stunning!

Sunday will see us going over to Trent Vineyard for their Sunday service – heard a load of good things about the Church so really quite looking forward to enjoying that… and then we’ll be rushing over to see the Hartley side of the family for an afternoon of food and fun 😀

All good. All enjoyable. But I hope I get to sleep sometime!

EXCEPT – life is just going to get busier…. announcement coming soon! (and no, Mrs H is NOT pregnant – it’s another kind of “busy” announcement!)

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