Not totally delirious about the news…

Wow! Bombshell!

The email hit my inbox with an almost discernable “THUD” sound, and I read it in stunned silence – saddened by what I read, but also a bit pleased.

The email concerned announced that, at the end of 2009, Delirious? are going to be going their separate ways. For those who don’t know, Delirious? were born out of the “Cutting Edge” events held down in Littlehampton in the early ’90s and have since gone on to storm the world with their Christian music, and humble hearts.

I first came across them through Anna (Thatcher as was, Smith as is now) who was part of the team of mad folks who worked with Rich Hubbard doing the PowerPoint kids work at GrapeVine. Anna brought a handful of yellow covered cassette tapes for us to buy at a fiver a pop if we were interested. The tapes were “Cutting Edge 1” and contained a handful of new songs that just seemed to blow everyone away.

Delirious? have been a part of my Christian journey over the years, and I’ve travelled to lot’s of places to watch them and join in the experience – the highlight probably being stood at Wembley with 10’s of thousands of people singing out!

The news is upsetting on a semi-selfish level as, having only just come back, I’ve really enjoyed catching up with the D:music I’ve missed and looking forward to catching them at gigs again… it’s good news that makes me smile because they are seperating as good mates, and to allow Martin and Anna to spend time together with their kids and to work on the CompassionArt project. Although I only knew them for a few years (and that was a long time ago now), I remember Anna and Martins hearts for the poor and I also remember the sensitivity and great compassion they both have.

Delirious? – I’m gonna miss you… but CompassionArt is definitely something that is right for NOW and I have no doubt that it’s gonna have a huge impact (especially when you see who is involved in it so far, and what the plans are!!! – check out the website at: )

If that’s not stirred you up a bit – how about another youtube clip, this time from the Gospel Music Awards where CompassionArt gets it’s first airing…

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