Book Review: London Bridges (James Patterson)

image Title: London Bridges

Author: James Patterson

Genre: Thriller / Drama

Storyline: The 10th Alex Cross novel (although I’ve never read any of them until now) – A town in Nevada gets evacuated by the US Army… and then destroyed. A terrorist called “The Wolf” claims responsibility and the chase begins. New York, London and Paris all feel the brunt of the Wolfs schemes whilst Alex Cross tries to find out who he is and stop him before he kills more people and blows up more cities.

Review: WOW. What a page-turner. This book kept you guessing and right on the edge of your seat as Alex Cross travels across Europe and America to try and track down the Wolf and the Weasel. With plenty of action, and plenty of questions, throughout the book you are never left bored. In fact the main problem with this book is that you don’t want to sleep as you just want to read it!

Score: 4.7/5

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