Economic slowdown – for sure!

I have to give a wry, pained, laugh when I hear people saying that we are not heading for recession and that the economy is going to bounce back quickly – although admittedly a lot of commentators seem to NOT be saying that now.

I know 4 people, all of whom are heading (or are already there) for unemployment… unskilled? nope, small companies? certainly not for 3 of them, “luxury” industries? definitely not.

It’s quite scary when 4 people working in 3 totally unrelated sectors are in this position – scary for them, yes.. but also scary as an indicator of where the country is at right now. I wasn’t old enough to be finanically aware of the last recession particularly, although I have done a fair bit of reading on it, and it’s not a subject I talked to my parents about… but it’s definitely frightening to think we are heading there again.

I am 100% convinced they will all find work without problems – but when you align these situations with the cost of living, fuel rises etc… it’s a frightening time and I find myself praying daily for provision and guidance – especially having a wife and 3 kids to look after!

It’s times like this that I am reminded just how much my faith has become a solid foundation – 3 months ago I’d have been a nervous wreck (and indeed was at times) and starting to panic about the hassles and worries…. now I truly find myself simply looking skyward and trusting that God *will* provide!

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