What kind of hero?

OK – I missed it when it was on the Sci-Fi channel, as it clashed with something else we watch, but when it hit BBC 2 I started to watch “Heroes” – I’ve since started to watch a few copies I’ve kinda obtained (if you know what I mean Winking)

The series is absolutely superb… but there are plenty of reviews all over the place and I wanted to think about something else.

What kind of hero powers would you want?

Flight? Strength? Time-Control? Invisibility? Morphing? Speed?

Hmmmm…. questions questions questions Thinking

Personally? I really like the character of Hiro Nakamora in Heroes – and the time/teleport/time-travel skills are totally awesome in my view.

Ignoring all the “paradox” issues (like killing a bug in pre-history which ends up to be the father of your whole blood-line, or meeting yourself etc) imagine how cool it would be to be able to stop time, yet still move in that frozen period… or to teleport halfway across the world in a blink of an eye… or to travel back to 1963 and see who really did kill JFK on the grassy knoll Cool

So, what would you want to have?

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