Sad farewells, and weird feelings

Following nearly 3 years of long-hours, I left my “second-job” last week.

I decided a while ago that I would step down as a member of the PlusNet UserGroup – not because of PlusNet or the group, but primarily because of petty-minded in-duh-viduals who decided that personal attacks on people were perfectly acceptable and that volunteers should slave away for people who weren’t even customers, when customers were asking about different things.

Last week, I did it. I gave the group 2 weeks warning to give a chance to get some final bits sorted and then finally removed my own forum admin rights and became a normal member.

Boy was it weird the first time I saw the forums without the NDA sections and found myself wondering what was happening in the discussions I left behind… the first few days I came close to PM’ing people to say “LET ME BACK IN” but I’m kinda glad I’ve stuck it out as it will give me time to devote to other things and life is likely to be busy this year anyway.

Have to admit that I was slightly miffed (yeah, conceited I know) that it never got a mention anywhere – but in some ways it’s been nice not to deal with the vultures and snide gits that are out there (and yes, I know they are likely to comment on this elsewhere but I can always respond now without it being perceived as an official remark from PUG)

And so, I move into a new phase – developing new sites, new areas of interest and focus and maybe finally managing to get around to doing some decent coding again 😉

UPDATE – Sunday 25/02/07 – Turns out that the UserGroup were in the process of writing an article but were waiting for me to announce that I’d left rather than announce it for me…. still finding it weird being on the outside, but I’m also finding I have a lot more time now when I’m on my PC – just need to start using it for something other than work!

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