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be inspired

What inspires you? What motivates you? Drives you? Gets you excited, scared, fired up, moved?

What makes you feel ALIVE?

Sometimes the day-to-day monotony of life can drain us in oh so many ways. It can wear us down physically, it can tire us emotionally, it can even weaken us spiritually and when it does it can be an effort to stir ourselves back up again and find that get-up-and-go.

The early part of the year is always a tiring season for us. The end of the year is a mad rush with Christmas, our youngest lads birthday and Mrs H working all hours selling trees. The beginning of the year isn’t much calmer with another birthday just into the new year, the end of the annual adrenaline rush and then our daughters birthday and more mad rushing around. It’s always a season when catching a breath is a thing to treasure, and where getting going is always an effort.

In the midst of this, I’ve found myself thinking about inspiration. What it is that I can use to stir me up, to get the blood flowing and the fire burning. Searching for that lightbulb moment that will shine through the greyness of winter and bring spring to my spirit. I’m not saying that I feel down, depressed or even mildly like eeyore on a rainy day – it’s more a lethargy and weariness that sets in and drains me and that’s something I actively have to kick to get myself going as soon as I can.

And that’s where inspiration comes in.

Inspiration can take many forms and have so many effects. It can get me fired up about a new project, give me the words to blog, wake me up and get me going, lead me to pick my guitar up and have a great worship session or even something as simple and homely as baking a batch of cakes, cookies or muffins.

As to where I find it? That’s the biggie isn’t it.

The wonder of creation can stir my soul, listening to testimonies (my own included) can fill me with awe and joy, taking on new projects that will benefit others or have an impact or even reading or listening to something challenging or inspirational.

What inspires you? What get’s you going? If you can’t answer that, why not take 5 minutes to think about it and then think of new ways of getting or being inspired – I’m trying that at the moment and you may be surprised where you will find it.

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