A Gentle Reminder

As you may remember – when I (finally) turned back to God, nearly 18 months ago now, the parable of the Prodigals Son was one that really spoke to me and I genuinely felt that moment of the Father welcoming the Prodigal back by running to meet him (me!) and giving him (me again) a great big hug. (Note: If you don’t remember, or don’t know the details, you can catch up on the story here: http://hartleyweb.co.uk/?p=99 )

Last night was a corporate prayer meeting at Kingsgate Community Church in Peterborough. Now these are great times and tend to happen 3-4 times a year and involve everyone descending on Kingsgate for 2 hours of real good Worship and Prayer – and usually with Communion as well. The session last night was packed – I’ve never seen so many people at a prayer meeting – and boy, was it a good time.

During one of the periods of prayer there was a real sense of Gods Love for us all, accompanied by a huge sense of peace, acceptance and belonging. During this I really felt God saying to me that He was still there for me – that He wasn’t just there when I came back, but that His Love for me was NOW and ALWAYS and that His arms of Love were always around me, holding me in a huge bear-hug.

It’s always good to remember that God is interested in us. He cares about our lives and isn’t just there as a doorman or as a ruler on a throne – but He’s there for us every day, every where and in every circumstance.

I’m fortunate to have grown up in a loving family and now have a loving family of my own – but even with all that love in my life, Gods Love still knocks me off my feet (quite literally as you may have noticed if you were there last night!)

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