Statistics and Hope

It finally happened.

At 4pm on Friday 10th July the event we had been waiting for, for nearly 8 months, finally took place – and even though we were expecting it, it was still a kick in the delicate parts.

The administrators were finally appointed and, in a piece of life reflecting reality-tv, we were split into two groups – 1 group staying (to basically help sell the rest of the business) and the other group being shown the door. Me? I was in the latter… with a couple of cold, hard, words we were out.

Funny thing is that I actually slept really well that night – my first feeling when I got told, after I had calmed my emotions down a bit anyway, was sheer exhaustion. The pressure, the waiting, the uncertainty – it was all over. Yes, there were a new set of challenges and uncertainties but I could move on and I knew where I stood.

It’s now been just over a week since that happened and I’ve done the usual – contact the mortgage company, sign on, look at all spending etc – and I am feeling really positive about it all. I had a couple of days when it started to hit home and I felt quite down but one of my cousins called me and we spent an hour chatting and speaking scripture and truth to each other and he prayed for me as we closed – and that really turned it all around for me.

We know that there are loads of people praying for us, and we know that we have support and love in huge measure – and for all of you who have been, and still are,  praying – we love you all! Your prayers mean the world to us and they are making a difference. God is blessing us with a real sense of peace and hope and we are not worrying.

We knew this day was coming, but we also knew that God has a plan and that He is in control – and for the first time in my life, I am really feeling able to “let go and let God”… there’s no sense of “gotta take it back because nothing is happening” – yes, I have a role to play but I also need to be trusting in Him and just be ready to walk through the doors that He opens for us.

I’ve had an interview this week – and it seemed to go really well, and it’s a job I definitely want as it looks a great opportunity! We’ll know more hopefully later this week but please be praying into that… I’ll let you know more when I know 🙂

God bless you all – He really does have an effect on our lives and His promises and Word are true!

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