I’ve not said anything about this particularly simply because it’s taken a good few days to sink in and meditate on.

The weekend just gone was a huge one for our family and immensly busy for us all. Starting with a few days getting loads of jobs done around the house, baking cakes and bacon & egg pies, shopping and more we then headed towards that girliest of girly things – the sleepover!

Instead of a party, as such, we suggested that our girl could have a few friends over for a sleepover… and it was a brilliant idea that she thoroughly enjoyed but left us all shot to pieces and still reeling from only getting 3 hours of sleep!

The Sunday was a HUGE time, and the biggest hi-lite of the year so far – our girl got baptised!

There were 18 people who got dunked in the first service, and 19 in the second, and our daughter was one of the ones proudly being baptised. Well, there wasn’t a dry eye amongst us as she took the plunge – and there were a good few others with leaking eyes as well.

I don’t honestly think there was a prouder couple of parents in the building that day and it’s the start of a really great road for our girl!

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