Do you have your Ouch-es?

These are the sore points that come out and don’t so much prick your conscience as give it a totally huge kick.

Evenings such as the recent Comic relief night are seriously good for causing Ouch-es – did you see the video that showed the 12-month old boy dying from malaria?

Another good source of Ouch-es are the weekly sermons we hear at KingsGate.

Don’t get me wrong – Ouch-es are GOOD things, not negatives and, received with the right attitude, can be life-changing moments.

We can sometimes have the nice warm & fuzzy sermons, and they are great… but the ones that have the biggest impact, and the most effect, are those with the OUCH factor.

The current sermon series is looking at Jesus: close up and yesterday featured some seriously big OUCH-es (yes, they were that big they deserve to be written in capitals!!!)

Right now I am pondering all that these ouches are going to mean to me, to my walk with God and to my life in all.

And the core of my prayer – May I receive it well and… More Lord!

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