Maybe we’re just trying to get it all out of the way?

‘snot been much fun of late over at Hartley towers sadly with Mrs H feeling seriously run down and then getting a cold to boot along with the kiddies all coming down with varying bugs, viruses (anyone else noticed how *everything* is a virus these days?), sickies and colds.

Me? Well, I started to come down with a dodgy stomach mid-week but seemed to manage to fight it off thankfully – which was nice 🙂

I’m just really hoping that we’re all coming down with the usual bits and pieces now and getting it all out of the way so we can try and have an enjoyable winter instead of spending 4 months looking after one sickie after another… that sorta thing can put a crimp on what is an exceedingly busy season for us, but one that should be seriously enjoyable as well.

Gotta admit that I’m *really* looking forward to Christmas this year, not only have I managed to book a few days off but it will also be the first Christmas for several years that we can truly celebrate it properly as a family – and really enjoy the occassion for its true meaning!

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