One day a year – you can be proud and nationalistic!

Ah… the proms – specifically the second half of the Last Night of the Proms.

A joyous occasion where sitting in front of the telly belting out patriotic tunes is fully acceptable and totally enjoyable. You just cannot beat it. A rousing chorus of Rule Britannia and the joy of our true national anthem (I wish!) “Land of Hope and Glory”

This years event was one of the best I’ve ever seen with the conductor really enjoying himself and looking so proud to be there (as well as actually sticking around to sing at the end) and Bryn Terfl was really going for it and joining in with the whole lot.

Sir Andrew Davies has always been my favourite conductor as he always did the proms justice, and since he left we’ve had nobody who has embraced the night with such passion but Richard Norrington was definitely up there with the best of them.

We let our daughter stay up to watch them this year, her first proms, knowing full well that it would be a very late night for her (since the proms never run to time!) and it was definitely a great evening sharing the event with her.

I did watch some of the other proms as well this year, and I cannot wait until they show the Dr Who prom of course – roll on the 2009 season! If it’s half as good as this years then it’ll be a supreme event.

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