2 Weeks – still shattered, but loads achieved :)

Blimey… that was a real corker of a “holiday” – I know some of you were really looking forward to my “Paint Drying” blog but I didn’t even get a chance to get on my PC for long enough to check emails, let along do any blogging.

Saying that – it all looks a heck of a lot better! Nice clean walls that aren’t disgusting colours, decent carpet downstairs and on the stairs and landing, tidier looking and a much cleaner and more spacious look and feel to the place.

We keep getting comments along the lines of “You won’t want to move out now” and there is a degree of that as it really does look good… but we do still want to move. There is a property we really like the look of that keeps popping up but until we are in a good place to take it further we are just praying that either it, or another one like it, are available when we come to the crunch.

For now though we are busy de-cluttering and packing bits and pieces as much as possible to make the house look homey but not cramped… and we are slowly returning to normality.

Normality… yes… great word – I suppose it’d be more accurate to say we are now entering the next phase as there is nothing normal at the moment.

Our girl started at secondary school last week, growing up fast and it’s way too scary for me too keep up with. I think I’m going to be one of *those* dads who can never see their little girls as anything BUT little girls…

Our big lad started back at school today, and out little’un returns to play school tomorrow… so it’s all going back to the normal 5-day-week but with enough changes and other periphery to make it feel quite weird.

Oh well…. I’ll post some pics at some point but thought I’d keep this place updated 😉

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