Life is… good


The sigh of a satisfied man.

The weekend has just finished and I’m now sat at work (that’s not the satisfying part) – but the weekend was a good one.
It was the first weekend for a while that we actually didn’t have anything particularly planned, and with the Grand Prix being early evening it meant we could do what we liked pretty much this weekend – allowing us to get some jobs done and feel like we’ve achieved something.

So the boys bedroom has now been moved around to try and make life easier, the tent on the kids climbing frame has been removed so the slide can be fitted properly and the shed now has (after 3 years) a nice new felt roof on it that looks pretty good (if I do say so myself)

To top it all off I even had a chance to catch up on some sleep on Saturday afternoon (much needed as I was so tired earlier in the week I had been fainting), started typing out some music for a new music folder I am trying to put together, and then we even managed to fit in a lovely picnic at Ferry Meadows after Church yesterday.

A lot achieved and yet it was really quite relaxing. Life is definitely… good! 🙂

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