The tumbleweed rolls by….

WOWZERS! 3 Months since my last post Doh

Sorry folks, things have been totally chaotic of late and, to be quite honest, I kept forgetting about the blog.

So…. February to May (well, June I suppose really) – where to begin. Confused

F1 kicked off again, so did most other motorsports. We went to watch the BTCC at Rockingham. My daughter hit the big 10. I survived my probation period at my new job with no worries. We got a new Kitchen. I got a shiny new 19″ TFT and have setup a nice smart dual monitor rig for watching media and working on. I have started exercising and dieting. Forest crashed and burned in the play-offs. Stargate SG-1 finished for good. Dr Who is back.

Phew… and….. breathe! Surprise

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