Book Review: ‘Split Second’ by David Baldacci

Title: Split Second Author: David Baldacci Genre: Crime/Thriller Storyline: Guarding a radical political candidate, Secret Service agent Sean King is distracted long enough to allow for an assassin to kill the protectee. Several years later fast rising Secret Agent, Michelle Maxwell, is lead agent for a candidate who is kidnapped. When dead bodies start turning up to …

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Book Review: ‘Killing Hour’ by Andrew Gross

Title: Killing Hour Author: Andrew Gross Genre: Crime/Thriller Storyline: After his troubled nephew is found to have committed suicide Dr Jay Handler is drawn in to a legacy of murder, torture, manipulation and betrayal – plus buried secrets in his brothers past. Convincing anyone that there was more to this than meets the eye pushes him …

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Book Review: ‘Damaged’ by Alex Kava

Title: Damaged Author: Alex Kava Genre: Crime/Thriller Storyline: A floating box of body parts, an approaching category 5 hurricane and a fatal mystery outbreak at a naval medical facility lead to a rollercoaster of a ride for FBI Profiler Maggie O’Dell as she gets involved with the Pensacola Coastguard in working out where the body parts …

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