A Frantic Serenity

(Sadly I’m not talking about a rush to make more episodes of the total excellent and criminally cancelled Joss Whedon series!) Swimming gracefully on the still waters of a Lake floats the swan – looking serene and peaceful as it loftily looks down on the activity going on around it. As we know though, this …

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Slavery didn’t end 200 years ago–it’s happening TODAY

TWENTY SEVEN MILLION. I can’t make that number sound as big as it is. It’s a number that’s so big that we can’t visualise it. If we counted 1 per second it would take 7500 hours to count. That’s 312 1/2 days. Nearly a year of counting 1 every second. T W E N T …

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2010 – A year in review

When Mrs H and I both felt God saying to us that 2010 would be a year of change, and where we would be shaken up, we never fully anticipated what that would come to mean or how that would change us but looking back now it’s fair to say that we’ve both changed quite a bit this year and that we’ve grown as a result of all that’s happened.

Misc Ramblings and General Randomness

It’s been a while since I last updated the blog here (sorry!) but life hasn’t really been too exciting really so there’s not been too much to say. Although that’s also a pretty poor excuse as I could have posted micro-updates. My bad! So what’s been happening with all things Hartley? Read on for news, …

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