Rock & Roll with extra cheese (and some rather spicy sauce!)

When it comes to music, films, TV etc (entertainment in general I guess) I’m a rather odd specimen of a man – enjoying an eclectic mix of styles, genres, eras and volumes! I can watch everything from sci-fi blasts to detective dramas, comedies to quizzes, debates to debacles. I listen to music from so many …

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Purpose, Conviction, Vision and…. patience

  I’ve mentioned hereĀ in the past that I can struggle with the P-word sometimes. Patience is something that I can often lack, and always need more of. What makes things worse is when you have a clear sense of purpose, a definite goal and total faith in what you are doing… but you still have …

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What a load of waffle

Wow. I can sure spout enough waffle can’t I. Just gone back through the archives here and discovered that this incarnation of the blog is now just over 5 years old! Tempus Fugit. It’s the good thing about keeping a blog, this ability to go back and read what was running through my mind and …

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