Lessons from those over the pond, over here

Since my recent “transformation” I have had the immense joy of meeting, and getting to know, all the people my dear missus has talked about since she joined the Church – especially those in our housegroup. If you thought of a mixed bunch of people in rural England, with most of us not actually being …

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Life is… good

Ah… The sigh of a satisfied man. The weekend has just finished and I’m now sat at work (that’s not the satisfying part) – but the weekend was a good one. It was the first weekend for a while that we actually didn’t have anything particularly planned, and with the Grand Prix being early evening …

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No longer an atheist – what happened?

When I joined facebook back in December I posted a note called “Now an atheist – what happened” (now removed) which detailed my journey from Christianity to Atheism, a place which I have sat in for about 4 1/2 years… BUT there’s been a shift and rather than just post it on facebook I thought …

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