Can I breathe now?

… and…. relax

Lewis Hamilton is the Formula One World Champion 2008! YIPPEE!

After nearly two-hours of nail biting chaos, with the most unbelievable final 5 laps in history, the UK now has a new F1 world champion to be proud of.

When Vettel managed to get past Lewis with only 4 or 5 laps remaining my heart sank – surely he couldn’t lose it 2 years in a row…. then Glock slowed down, tyres shot and no grip in the last-gasp rainfall allowing Lewis to take that all important 5th place and our house erupted with cheers and tears as he did it.

We have watched Lewis race in FRenault and beyond, and followed his career closely, so to see him win the ultimate motorsports title (well, one of them – along with Le Mans, Indy 500 etc 😉 ) was a very emotional moment.

I just hope that next year he doesn’t leave it until the last corner of the last lap of the last race to clinch number 2!

I must finish this by saying Congrats to Massa as well – if he had won the title he would have also been deserving but after the race he totally proved how mature he is these days and what a gentleman he is. I did feel sorry for him and his family when they thought they had got the title only to lose it right at the end. I personally feel the right guy won but, as I say, Massa was a very very worthy rival and I hope this wasn’t his last shot!

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