Love God, Love my Family, Love Petrol. A Christian with a heart for worship and a passion to become the man I was created to be. A family man who loves his wife and kids and wants the best for them all and to see them all grow. A petrolhead who loves all kinds of motorsports from F1 to MotoGP, Touring Cars to open wheelers, Rally cars to grassroots.

Holocaust Memorial Day

Back when I was a teenager, and we lived in Germany, we used to take holidays down in Bavaria or Austria. It’s a part of the world I absolutely love with it’s high mountain peaks, thick forests, hidden waterfalls and springs, and amazingly beautiful castles and towns. It’s also a place where they don’t hide …

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WAKE UP & Speak, Brother

Since moving to Rugby, one of the (many) things that has struck me is just how there seems to be a huge hub of creativity in the town and the surrounding areas. There are artists, writers aplenty and an absolute orchestral overload of talented musicians, songwriters, singers and more. You can’t turn around without discovering …

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