Purpose, Conviction, Vision and…. patience


I’ve mentioned here┬áin the past that I can struggle with the P-word sometimes. Patience is something that I can often lack, and always need more of.

What makes things worse is when you have a clear sense of purpose, a definite goal and total faith in what you are doing… but you still have to wait.

As you cannot help but have noticed, we are moving house. We know God’s calling us to move, we know where, we have complete faith in that – but the time still ticks by and that exposes the patience, or lack thereof. After waiting for so long for the starters pistol to fire, we know that we’re on the final straight and we can see the finishing line in front of us (appropriate metaphor for this year really). Unfortunately it’s one of those scenarios where time seems to slow down, and the goal seems to move further away with each step closer we take.

There’s no doubt that this is the right move and there is no doubt that this is what God wants us to be doing – but we’re definitely at that point of wishing it was all over and done with (well, except the move itself as that needs to wait until the summer hols :-D)

If you happen to have a spare 30 seconds, please shoot a prayer upstairs for us!

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  1. Hey Mike,
    Hang in there. Praying for you guys!
    It reminds me of crashing the car a few years ago. On the right road, heading for where I needed to be…work… and suddenly I’m in a skid in snow and theres no getting out of it and my destination, or at least the vehicles is somewhere different. Everything slowed down. I wanted to stop at that point, but it seemed to take forever. The viewpoint changed as I was travelling along the ditch, the wing mirror gets wrenched off. I shouted no, as the brand new aerial snaps off and goes up the windscreen. That really annoyed me! funny how simple things like that get you at a time like that.
    The car came to an abrupt rest at a small bridge and my head on the side window. The whole episode seemed to last a lifetime, but the last few moments went so fast!
    I guess that things are slow at the moment. The inevitable landing is on its way. Be sure not miss some of the things that happen on the periphery they often seem to be important.
    Praying for a swift move.


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