Brian Doerkson wrote this back in 1994… a simple song of declaration, desperation, adoration, worship, love and more

More than oxygen, I need Your love
More than life-giving food the hungry dream of
More than an eloquent word depends on the tongue
More than a passionate song needs to be sung

More than a word could ever say
More than a song could ever convey
I need You more than all of these things
Father, I need You more

More than magnet and steel are drawn to unite
More than poets love words to rhyme as they write
More than the comforting warmth of sun in the spring
More than the eagle loves wind under its wings

More than a blazing fire on a winter’s night
More than the tall evergreens reach for the light
More than the pounding waves long for the shore
More than these gifts You give, I love You more

Copyright © 1994 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing

It’s a tough time right now – there are a lot of things we/I am struggling with right now and it’s difficult to always find God or to feel His direction, will and purpose. Whilst playing the guitar this evening and having a bit of a personal worship session, this song sprung into my mind once more. I’ve not played it for years on end and not listened to, or sung, it for nearly as long and yet it entered my mind with such a resounding crash it was plain that God was dropping a (not-so-subtle) hint and it also echoed the cries of my soul right now.

On Sunday we had David Ring speak at Kingsgate. David is a mid-50s preacher from Nashville who also happens to have cerebal palsy. Not a minor variant that is barely noticable but a major, life-effecting, variant that has shaped his whole life. Look him up on YouTube, please, and catch some of what we experienced on Sunday. It was a humbling, heart-warming, challenging, encouraging, amazing and blessed testimony that he shared with us including the very simple, but life-challenging, line of “I have cerebal palsy – what’s your problem?”

I’ve tried to hold on to the inspiration that he gave to us – but unfortunately it’s not that easy for too many reasons to list here and so I’ve still found myself struggling a lot and feeling quite down and trapped. This song sums up for me what my heart is crying out now… More than a word could ever say, I need You MORE than all of these things…

Please pray for us at the moment. It’s a time that is proving testing and difficult but we know that God has it all under control – it’s just remembering that when I feel the darkness swamp my mind.

More than oxygen, I need Your love. More than life-giving food the hungry dream of….. Father, I need you MORE!

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