Who is Jesus? Do you know Him?

We’ve just started a new series at Church looking at “Jesus: Close up”, an ideal subject for the build up to Easter (my favourite time of year!) and the sermon this Sunday was looking into “Who is Jesus?” [you can download here!]

It’s not necessarily as straight-forward to answer as you may first think because there is just so much to who He is and even though I’ve grown up knowing about Him, I still learnt a fair bit from the session and it was really good having a refresher session on areas I probably havbe taken for granted.

Dave Smith (and Karen) has just returned from a mini-sabbatical and really seems fired up in a new way following visits to many churches around the world and there is a passion that fills all he says which makes the talks even more powerful. There seems to be a real sense that we are entering the “second chapter” of the churches history and that there is something big on the horizon.

At the end of the sermon we were shown a video clip which I have since found on YouTube and have put here for your enjoyment 🙂

Have a listen, enjoy, be blessed… and be challenged!

P.S. Hope you’ve noticed the new Worship Videos on the right-hand side? This is a playlist I’ve made on YouTube and will change every now and then.

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